Cowboy Hat -Cowgirl Hat Cookie Cutter

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Product made by The Cookie Cutter Club.

This listing is for one Cowboy Hat - Cowgirl Hat Cookie Cutter.

Cookie cutter colors may vary.

2.5” x 1.7"
3.0" x 2.1"
3.5” x 2.4"
4.0" x 2.8"
4.5” x 3.1"

SIZES: Our cookie cutters are sized based off of their width and height (or height and width). The picture above is oriented to match the height and width (width and height) of the measurements given.

You can buy our cookie cutters in multiple sizes:

2.5" cutters range from very small (tiny, one bite) cookies to a small cookie. We recommend this size for small appliqué decorations with fondant or clay impressions. Most 2.5” cutters are too small to make a good size cookie, but some of the larger ones aren't too bad. View the picture referencing surface area to get a size comparison.

3.0" and 3.5" cutters range from a small cookie to a medium size cookie.

4.0" and 4.5" cutters range from a medium cookie to a jumbo cookie.

Please reference our surface area picture of the cookie cutter shape on a circle so you can visually see how much surface area you will have to work with compared to a circle of the same size. If you are still not sure the size of the cookie cutter, we recommend using a drawing program or word processing program to create a circle of the size you are thinking of purchasing, paste a copy of our picture into your program, size it to the size of your circle and print out the picture. This will give you a fairly accurate visual for the size of the cookie cutter.

CUTTING DEPTH: The cutting depth is referring to how thick your dough, cake, brownie, etc. can be for the cutter to cut through. The average cookie dough is usually rolled out to a .25" thickness, so our .25" cutting depth will cut it just fine. We also offer a .5", .75", and 1.0" for individuals who have extra thick dough or those who are working with something other than cookie dough.

SETS: Many of our cookie cutters are also part of a themed set that is discounted for 10% less than if you were to buy each cookie cutter individually. If this cookie cutter is part of a set, we have included pictures of the set in the listing. All sets are sold separately.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Always hand wash the cookie cutter with soap and warm water. Do not soak in water. Cookie cutters are not dishwasher safe. Store in a cool dry place with nothing heavier than other light cookie cutters on top. Cookie cutters made with 3D printed plastic have a low melting point and should be kept away from heat sources, such as direct sunlight, hot foods, stove tops, inside ovens, on hot pans, etc. Contact with heat and/or pressure may cause cutters to warp or melt.

MATERIAL USED: All of our cookie cutters are 3D printed with PLA plastic. PLA plastic is derived from corn starch. Keep in mind that our plastic cookie cutters have slightly thicker walls to give it more durability so your cookie cutter will last through years of use, but they may not give as clean a cut as a metal cookie cutter. Whereas metal cookie cutters may start to rust or bend from constant use, our cookie cutters will not rust and will keep their shape with proper care.

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