About The Cookie Cutter Club

The Cookie Cutter Club began in 2016 by Clayton McIntyre.  Clayton was a 3D printing enthusiast and offered a friend to make cookie cutters for their cookie business.  After making the cookie cutters for his friend, he opened The Cookie Cutter Club on Etsy and began to sell a few cookie cutters.  After months of running the business alone and having some success, his wife, Renee McIntyre, began to help him with the business.  He taught her everything about 3D printing and how to design a cookie cutter.  Renee and Clayton now work together to run The Cookie Cutter Club.

Clayton has a full-time job working with industrial 3D printers.  He has a degree in CAD Drafting and has been working with 3D printers since 2011. He works part-time with The Cookie Cutter Club fixing machines and helping to expand the business.

Renee has a full-time job as a mother with 3 young kids.  She has a degree in mathematics and works part-time making and shipping the cookie cutters.