About The Cookie Cutter Club

My name is Renee McIntyre and I am the owner of The Cookie Cuter Club. I am a full-time mom to three young kids. I started helping my husband with the business when our youngest was only 2 months old and eventually I took over everything. I have helped run and grow the business, by myself through 2 moves, a diagnosis for an autoimmune disease(that was no fun working with the pain before I started getting medicine), COVID, 2 kids coming home to do virtual learning and now I've pulled our kids from school to home school them 4 hours a day because this last move brought us to a school district that keeps the elementary kids in virtual meetings for almost the entire 6 hour school day with several hours of homework(not okay with me). I do all the normal mom stuff around the house and run my own online business. Free-time and fun are not something I get a lot of in life, but I love my family and am willing to do whatever I can to help. Running a business from home gives me the opportunity to be with my family which no other job could give such a rewarding lifestyle.

The Cookie Cutter Club was actually created by my husband, Clayton McIntyre. He had developed cancer and, while being treated for it, he had a lot of time on his hands. He discovered 3D printing and fell in love. He learned everything he could about 3D printing, but the price of one was way to high for our budget. He was home with cancer and I was home with our first child who was only 10 months old. So he found and participated in a competition to repurpose something and the top 5 winners would get a free 3D printer!!! He wanted to try for it, so he cut up a Costco size jelly belly container, added a few rivets, painted it black, and added an old wire hanger. He had made a very flimsy bicycle fender and entered it into the contest. And to my surprise, he actually was one of the winners!! He used all his free time to figure out his newly won 3D printer and, once he was done with his cancer treatments, he enrolled in school to learn how to do 3D design so he could design original models for his 3D printer.

I kept showing him cool pictures a friend of mine posted on Facebook of her super amazing decorated cookies. They were spectacular. He figured maybe he could make 3D printed cookie cutters. So he messaged my friend and asked her if she wanted any cookie cutters, let him know and he would do it. She eventually asked for some and The Cookie Cutter Club was formed. At first he didn't make many sales, but then one month he made like 10 sales and we were both super excited. I saw the potential for the company and encouraged him to design more cutters so we could maybe go out to eat as a family from time to time.

He was not very motivated to design more as he already had a full-time job. So I took it upon myself to try to learn. I had no experience with 3D printing, nor design, but I figured I could learn. He taught me everything I needed to know and I have continued to run the business by myself ever since. It has been a wonderful and exhausting experience.