1) How long until my order ships?

Our average processing time is 1-3 business days.  For a more specific ship by date, please contact us at CustomerService@thecookiecutterclub.com.

2) Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to select countries.

3) What is the most common size bought?

Each customer has different needs, depending on what they are making with the cookie cutter. If you are unsure what size to purchase, below are the percentages for which sizes are bought by customers.
2.5" - 16% of customers purchase
3.0" - 24% of customers purchase
3.5" - 25% of customers purchase
4.0" - 24% of customers purchase
4.5" - 11% of customers purchase

4) What size cutting depth should I order?

Cutting depth depends on the thickness of the dough or other material you are using the cutter for. Customers have told us some of the creations they are making with their cutters, but most of the time, we do not know what our cookie cutters are being used for. If you are unsure how thick your dough is, I always say taller is better because then you can use the cutter to spiff up your next batch of brownies or rice krispies you are making. But if you are still unsure, below are the percentages of the different cutting depths customers are buying.
.25" - 40% of customers purchase
.5" - 43% of customers purchase
.75" - 12% of customers purchase
1.0" - 5% of customers purchase