July 2018 Newsletter

New Cookie Cutters

I have added 35 new cookie cutters and 11 new themed sets this past month.  Our sets are always 10% less than if you bought the cookie cutters separately.  Plus, you can use a discount code on them and buy them for even less. Check out all the new cookie cutters added in June 2018.

New Cutters:

 New Sets:

June 2018 New Sets

Coupon Code

Don't forget to use your coupon code at check out to get 20% off through August 31.  I never mentioned why we are doing such a long discount code. At the end of April, I successfully created our own website, away from Etsy.  So we decided to celebrate with a summertime discount code for all our customers.  Take advantage of it while you can.

After August, we will have shorter and less frequent sales.  But do not fret, I will tell you in the next newsletter all of our sales September through December so you can plan your shopping excursions. I always hate it when I feel I got a good deal, only to find if I had waited a week I could have gotten an even better deal.  Due to my personal desire to always want the best sale, I will give my customers the same courtesy in a huge heads up on our sales.

Discount Code

Recipe: Pina Colada Cutout Sugar Cookies and Icing

This Pina Colada Cutout Sugar Cookie and Icing Recipe is so delicious.  I have always loved the combination of pineapple and coconut and I love drinking virgin Pina Coladas. Putting them together into a cookie was a no brainer.  Since summertime is upon us, a Pina Colada Cookie seemed like the perfect flavor combination for fun summer cookies.

My husband is always my food taster and I mostly trust his opinion on sweets.  After tasting these cookies, he said I can no longer make a plain sugar cookie again.  Truth be told, I was surprised at how much I liked these cookies too.  I think coconut cookies are okay, but they are usually dry and extra crunchy.  Since these have the added pineapple sweetness, the coconut flavor tastes that much better.  I still thought they tasted more like coconut, but my husband thought the pineapple flavor was stronger.  Either way, they are delicious cookies that are worth your time to make.

Pina Colada Cutout Sugar Cookie Recipe and Icing Cut Out