August 2018 Newsletter

New Cookie Cutters

I only added 1 new cookie cutter this past month. In addition to running a cookie cutter shop, I am a full-time mom of three little girls, ages 7, 5, and 1. My 7 year old sadly told me I needed to play with her more. After hearing that, I felt like a guilty mom who was working way too much. Because of this, I have put designing new cookie cutters on hold until September when two of my kids go back to school.

New Cutter:

Ice Cream Truck Cookie Cutter

New Size Images Coming Soon

Although it is summer and I'm spending more time with my girls, I am still working a bit. One of the hardest things to do when buying a cookie cutter is figuring out what size to buy. I have been working on making new pictures for all our cookie cutters that will hopefully help with sizing. Here is an example of what the images will look like:

ice cream truck measurement image

I am hoping the outline of the image on a grid will help with additional sizing information.  I have also put the average female hand behind the image so customers can actually estimate on their hand how big their cookie will be. My hand is a little bigger than average, but the hand measurement still gives a pretty good idea of size. Creating a new picture for over 600 cookie cutters does take a lot of time and will unfortunately not get completed for another month...or so.

Coupon Code

This is the last month to use the 20 % off coupon. Don't let those savings go to waste.

Discount Code

With our continual summer sale coming to an end, I wanted to let me customers know what the upcoming sales are going to be. As promised, here are all the sales coming up through the end of the year so you can plan your cookie cutter purchases ahead of time.

Upcoming Sales

Recipe: Orange Cream Cutout Sugar Cookies and Icing

The other day my husband brought home some Orange Cream Henry Weinhard Soda. Henry Weinhard Root Beer is my favorite, but I've never had the Orange Cream Soda because I'm not a fan of Orange Soda.  I tried it this time and it was absolutely delicious. It was not anything like Orange Soda and it was like eating candy. After that experience, I wondered if I could make an Orange Cream Sugar Cookie.  Although this sugar cookie recipe is deliciously orange burst flavor, I'm afraid it is not as orange cream flavor as I would like.  No matter what I tried, the orange flavor would always over power the vanilla.  These cookies are still very good and many people we shared them with on the 4th of July wanted another cookie. I really liked them and will definitely be making them again.

Orange Cream Cutout Sugar Cookie Recipe and Icing